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Pirate Keith by Ronnie Wood

Sir Mick by Ronnie Wood

Cotton Club Charlie by Ronnie Wood

Gypsy Ronnie by Ronnie Wood

This quintessential set of caricatures by Ronnie Wood captures the spirit, personality and history of each member of the Rolling Stones. There's the splendidly attired Sir Mick, cricket bat in hand, dapper Jazz loving Charlie, Ronnie with his family's canal boat heritage and Pirate Keith, the inspiration for Johnny Depp's Capt Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. We have a rarely available complete set of four, frame size 66cm x 84cm. Enquire For Pricing

B-Stage by Ronnie Wood
B-STAGE - A classic painting, on stage with The Stones.
Mixed media, digital & screen print on Somerset Enhanced paper.
Signed Limited Edition of 290 - size 68cm x 96cm.
Enquire For Pricing
Welcome to the Ronnie Wood art exhibition in association with Brock Street Gallery.

Though best known as the lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones, you're as likely to find him sketching a charcoal portrait as working on a new track with guitar in hand.

Ronnie Wood was born in Middlesex in 1947, and is the youngest child in a family that was both musical and artistic. He grew up surrounded by music of the great jazz legends and was strongly influenced by his father, who played in a 24 piece band. At the age of nine, he made his own musical debut, playing washboard with his brother in their skiffle band; perhaps an indication of his future success with the Rolling Stones.

He received formal art training at Ealing College of Art, and has continued painting, drawing and printmaking for over 35 years. Throughout his musical career – first as a member of the Jeff Beck Group, then the Faces, and since 1975 the Rolling Stones – Ronnie Wood continued painting and drawing, his subjects ranging from self-portraits, to musicians, to family and close friends (including the Stones, as a group and individually).

Ronnie Wood has captured in many mediums legendary Rock n' Roll, Pop and rhythm & Blue performers including Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, John Lennon and Madonna – all friends or admired colleagues. He knows his subjects well, often having performed with them on stage or in the studio during his musical career; especially after joining the Rolling Stones.

These portraits, featured in this exhibition, of his fellow Rolling Stones band mates and other famous friends are executed in a straightforward style that captures the intimacy of the relationship between subject and artist. For Ronnie, music and art have always gone hand-in-hand, and the intensity that he brings to the guitar translates onto canvas and paper with rhythmic line and vibrant colour. Ronnie Wood's paintings are a record of his many talents and loves. One of the things he most enjoys is to paint the views from his farm in County Kildare Ireland and the horses he keeps in stables there, allowing him time to take time out from both the media attention that follows him everywhere and also work on his future projects, both with the Rolling Stones and other musicians, in a more secluded atmosphere.

Ronnie Wood has also held solo exhibitions in New York, Las Vegas and Tokyo, as well as retrospectives at the Modern Art Museum in Sao Paulo and the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.

"I apply musical theory to my art. I build limited edition silk screen prints in much the same way as studio overdubs, the more defined ones are things that stand out in the mix." - Ronnie Wood.

Please allow me...

By Ronnie Wood

Please allow me by Ronnie Wood

'To introduce myself...' A new limited edition by Ronnie Wood of Mick Jagger performing one of the Rolling Stones' greatest hits 'Sympathy for the Devil'; in one of the most famous on stage performances ever. This is a very rare edition, with only 175 available and is printed on high quality stock.

Now then and always

By Ronnie Wood

Now then and always by Ronnie Wood

The latest works from artist and “musician's musician” Ronnie Wood, who was recently awarded for his 'outstanding contribution to rock” and “ageless presence on the scene” at the classic rock awards.

Beyond the awards, Ronnie Wood's unique place in rock music history is highlighted by the sheer number of music icons he has shared the stage or studio with. Three of these icons are immortalised in Ronnie Wood's latest art works “Now then and always”. First there is “Now”, a painting of Slash that is named after a song they both recorded for a future album “I gotta see”. “Then”, Jimi Hendrix, who was Ronnie Wood's one time flatmate and the man who introduced him to his personal heroes of R&B and Blues. This piece of Ronnie Wood art is called 'Foxy Jim'.

Who can follow Now and Then? If it's Always, it would have to be Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood's long time friend and weaving partner in The Rolling Stones. The painting shares the name of a song written by Keith entitled “Before they make me run”. So there we have it, three guitar legends captured by the World's finest rock artist, whose outstanding contribution to rock is with both six string and brush

From the RockStreet Collection.

Rare photographs of Ronnie & The Stones.

Ronnie Wood & Bo Diddley

Ronnie Wood & Bo Diddley

Skulls on stage by Ronnie Wood

Skulls on stage: Collectors Edition by Ronnie Wood

One of Ronnie Wood's most popular paintings, Pensive is the 'must have' art work for any Rolling Stones fan.
Pensive by Ronnie Wood
PENSIVE - A classic portrait of Keith Richards
Mixed media, digital & screen print on canvas
Signed Limited Edition of 600 - 81cm x 53 cm
Pensive by Ronnie Wood

Combined with his amazing talent as a painter, being a world class rock musician who has played with nearly every name in music and a life in the most famous Rock band ever, Ronnie Wood has given us insights that no other artist could ever offer. "Pensive" is a perfect example of this.

This painting is one from life. It started as a study sketched during rehearsal. Ronnie Wood remembers this particular moment vividly, as he was taken by how lost in deep thought Keith Richards was. Every time he looked back at the study and now painting, it reminds him why he loves Keith Richards as a subject in his art work, as Keith is a complex individual with more depth then meets the casual eye. Ronnie Wood never knew what Keith was thinking about that evening, but it was obviously being felt deeply and being offered great thought by Keith. So, it earned the title Pensive.